Terms and Conditions

§1 General

This contract applies to any use of this service between the user and DeepSheep UG, Iburger Str. 53-55, 49082 Osnabrück, Germany (hereinafter "Hubu.cloud") comes about. Participation in this service is permitted to any natural or legal person, as well as companies. Hubu.cloud is intended for personal and business use and may be used by multiple users or groups at any time per account. Usage of multiple free accounts per person isn't allowed.
Use of the service is at your own risk. Protection through well-chosen passwords and 2FA should be observed at all.
Neither we, nor employees or third parties have access to private files and any behavior. If files are public, they can be viewed by anyone who has their link or embeds the preview. Since we do not track where and in what form files are distributed or offered due to data protection regulations, we rely on abuse reports if it is a violation.

§2 Use Of Service

The user agrees not to use this service for illegal or unauthorized purposes. You must also comply with local/country-based laws regarding online conduct, content and copyright laws. Any violation of our terms of use will result in the immediate deletion of individual files or the entire user account. This only applies to public files.
Bug exploitation is not permitted. This service must also not be misused. Any attempts will be punished with an account suspension including legal consequences.

§2.1 Copyright

Hubu.cloud does not claim any intellectual property rights to shared and uploaded data.
We review all copyrighted works received from infringement claims and remove them if found to have been uploaded or distributed in violation of such laws.
In order to make a valid claim, us, Hubu.cloud, the following information is transmitted:
- A physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or person authorized to act on his or her behalf;
- A description of the copyrighted work, sufficient to to enable Hubu.cloud to locate the material or evidence;
- your contact information, including correct postal address, telephone number and e-mail (usually he author);
- A statement that you have demonstrable authorization to report;
To send reports use Hubu.cloud/report_file so that our service team can follow up on this as quickly as possible.

§3 Premium Packages

Premium packages offered can be ordered via various payment service providers. Hubu.cloud assumes, if possible, any costs incurred by the payment service provider.

§3.1 Contract period and change

All packages have no contract period and will be paid in advance (prepaid). If a continuous payment model has been agreed by a payment service provider, this must be canceled with them. This is called "automatic renewal" and is offered by PayPal, among others. The period is based on the plan active at the time. All packages state the period to be paid in advance. A free version is also offered to test the service risk-free. It is also possible to downgrade a premium package to the free version at any time as soon as the (current) package has expired.

§3.2 Services and right of withdrawal

The following full and Residual claims can be applied if
- the service offered is not complied with by Hubu.cloud;
- the order did not come about knowingly or not in accordance with the law;
- the user has not reached the age of 18 and a revocation is requested, but no more than 30 days ago;

§3.3 Prices, adjustments and discounts

All prices including services are described in each package. These apply for the specified period and are binding. Discounts are given for longer terms and the daily price for each package is displayed for transparency. Adverse price adjustments will only ever apply to future renewals or orders. If the user benefits from a price reduction during an active term, this user is entitled to receive the difference as a credit or payment (if possible).

§4 Miscellaneous

We reserve the right to change our Terms of Use/Service at any time. Users are granted a lead time of 30 days to revoke this changes. As a result the account will be closed on the day of the change and all data/information will be deleted. Left credit is available to paid out (unused remaining term, if any available). Announcement is usually made via e-mail and directly on our platform. We are not responsible for the content uploaded by users on this platform. Each user is liable for himself.

Date: 03/01/2022; DeepSheep UG, Germany